101 ways to double your business this year

Breakthrough simple way for YOU
to double YOUR business this year


Easy-to-follow techniques
proven over and over again


Strategies that will springboard your company
…all while giving you more time

  • • Do you find it’s hard to really get ahead as a business owner?

  • • Are you still feeling way behind in the income stakes?

  • • Do you, like most business owners enjoy the ‘freedom’, but still work way too many hours?


Don’t worry, I have been exactly where you are. Years ago when I started in business it was like that for me too. And I must say the business climate has not become any friendlier since.


But what can you do about it?


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So you’ve attended the marketing course, read the book on productivity, and done all sorts of things that if they had worked you would be a millionaire twice over by now.


Did it work? I didn’t think so. And you know what? It’s not your fault!


You see to make real lasting change in your business (and your personal) life you need to actually change your habits. And a change of habit doesn’t happen overnight. Indeed most authors, presenters and so-called ‘gurus’ have no idea how this simple mechanism of the mind actually works.


Which is exactly why I have put together my ‘101’ program the way I have. When you get the book (it will be ready any day now) you will see that each page contains a condensed pearl of wisdom. It’s a book you’re allowed to read randomly. Just browse. Page 37 could be first, and you might choose page 72 after that. You could also use the index and read all the pages on marketing right now.


But the cool news is the book doesn’t stop on the page. There is a truly amazing complement to the book. Almost 100 videos; each one detailing exactly what you need to do and how to achieve it.


But here is something important:

Each page contains the seed for a significant change within your business. A change that could easily make a 10% improvement on your business. When my clients, students and mentees have done these changes individually much better result have typically been achieved.


Now the premise for the book is you do one such new change initiative per MONTH. (Hardly sounds like back–breaking stuff…) You can even skip Christmas and mid-year if you wish. Just 10 improvements through the year with an average impact of 10% will give you a 100% improvement in the performance of the business.


So, since there are 101 ‘chapters’ of change, there is actually enough material for 10 years of solid business growth. Sales revenue, customers, profit.


But it gets even better. You see, if everything was about social media, you would end up with a lopsided business and, frankly, it wouldn’t work. That’s why the content is balanced across marketing, financial performance and control, team building and hiring, and all the other elements that make a great business.


Here are just 10 examples:

  1. – How to grow your personal influence

  2. – Making sure your business is something you love doing

  3. – How to get free help that is as good as what you would pay for

  4. – Creating more powerful presentations that sell better

  5. – What it takes to build a financial model that works as an effective compass you can steer your business with

  6. – The one simple trick to ensure you always have a massive supply of quality leads

  7. – How the top business people make decisions and how you can operate the same way

  8. – A simple method that ensures you never miss out on an opportunity coming your way

  9. – How to change your hiring process so you get great people every time you hire (works for contractors and teleworkers too)

  10. – What to do build a company that is so great it will attract investor funding or bank lending (or both)


Want to see more? Check it out for yourself…





Mike Boorn
Founder of TREPcoach

A successful serial entrepreneur with a 20-year track record in offline and online businesses, consulting, large corporates and start-ups, Mike has over 25 years experience specialising in marketing and business development – both B2B, and B2C.

Mike has the unique ability to transform or help transform an early stage idea into a successful business, using his planning, branding, structuring, budgeting and other skills.

He comes with a deep understanding of what is needed to run a great business, and as a mentor/coach has the ability to swiftly analyse a problem and help generate practical solutions.

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