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Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Can Linkedin help you sell?

Use Linkedin effectively as a lead generation and conversion tool.

Can Linkedin help you sell? Absolutely! But as a stand-alone strategy I wouldn’t rely on it.

However, based on my profile, what I write about, the events that I do (and all the posts that flow from that) people that I’m not even aware of are ‘checking me out’ – just as they probably do for you.

Linkedin Attraction Marketing

I call that whole system ‘Attraction Marketing’ (incidentally, I run a workshop on it this week, because it works so well). It’s not a term I have coined, but a term I feel best covers everything that whole system is about.

So, from that I get an enquiry. Whether it’s consulting in Singapore, speaking at an event or joining a mentoring panel it’s not a ‘sale’ yet. You have to show up. And follow up. And… need I say it, close.


Linkedin, like other social media channels when used correctly, is an extremely effective ‘lead generation’ machine. But for higher end sales it still needs the human touch.

Yes, the $97 ticket for a seminar or workshop can (and does) easily go straight from view, to click to sale. But I know many people in this group sell stuff with a price tag that has a couple more zeros.

In my view online to offline conversions will be a ‘hot spot’ in the coming couple of years, just like offline to online conversion already is.

So here’s my formula-in an abbreviated format:
- Decide on your expertise, your niche, your specialty
- Identify where your prospects ‘hang out’
- Check that they spend on what you want to sell (should be obvious—most people forget it)
- Build a following around that niche
- Keep posting, adding value, selling around, for and into that niche
- Have a well-defined system for what must happen with your prospects once they connect with you
- Have a clearly defined and well-tested system for how to ‘convert’ people who put their hand up. Don’t forget to be prepared that your next enquiry may not be a prospective client, but could be somebody who will bring you 20 clients over the next 3 years….

Mike Boorn
Founder of TREPcoach

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