Are you a Marketer catering to business people?

If you are, and you’re interested in increasing your revenue with what will become one of the most interesting brands for entrepreneurs and business people in 2012, join the select group of marketers at TREPcoach.

Now, let me be up-front, I’m not out to collect an army of affiliates and JV partners. I strongly believe that I can serve you better as my marketing partner if I actually spend time with you. And I also believe you can build a far better business for yourself if you focus on a few things that you become really good at marketing—like TREPcoach.

So, if you are an experienced marketer, if you have what it takes, we should talk. But, you need to be ready to make a serious income (I know, sounds cheesy, right?). Bear with me, though… having built multiple businesses over the years I have learnt one thing: There are risks and long hours associated with running your own business. So you need to be paid for taking these risks. And you need to be paid really handsomely.


Marketing is never free

Here’s one thing I have learnt also: Marketing is never free. Unless you consider your own time free. You can do marketing that is hugely time consuming, but costs almost no money. And you can achieve good result with that. And you can buy ads and get results from that. Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you want to earn a modest $40/hour. In my view that is a very modest return. Say you spend 50 hours writing blog posts, tweets, doing SEO etc the first week, and then 20 hours every week thereafter so your landing page gets good traffic. And let’s say that you eventually get 500 visitors per week, and convert at 2% (visitors to sales). So you’re making 10 sales in a week. Let’s say each sale generates $500 and you get 25% of that. $125 for you, or $1,250 each week. You need to spend 20 hours for that, so your cost is 20 hours x $40/hr = $800

What if instead you placed ads. So, to get those 500 visitors you need to pay for 500 clicks. Let’s say the niche that TREPcoach is in is not exactly the most competitive, so you can buy the clicks for less than a $1. Let’s try $0.80, or just $400. You have just HALVED the cost of your marketing!


Here’s where so many fail: The earth is NOT flat!

Statistics are devious. What could be the real statistic is that 2,000 visitors generate 40 sales. What if those 40 sales ALL come in the fourth week? What if you landing page requires several tweaks before it really works?

So, at the end of the month you will have made 40 sales x $125 = $5,000. Not bad for the first month.

… and, the cost to get there in CPC ads would be just $1,600.

That’s pretty cool from a standing start! The question when you start month 2 should just be “how can I double it?”

Here is where many (if not most) go wrong: They stop after putting in $200! They go “but this doesn’t work!?” So, after $200 invested they say “told you so…!”. Perhaps there was one sale, perhaps there was none. I hope you can see from the above WHY it doesn’t work.

The game of marketing, where you make real money, requires real investment (time or dollars). Assuming that you can make a ton of money with nothing in is a fallacy. That’s also why you need to do just a FEW things well. If you try 20 different products, spend $200 trying to market each one, you have just burned $4,000 and you have probably very little (if any) income to show for it.

You don’t need millions for your marketing, but assuming you can make $3,000 – 5,000 in the first month with zero money in (and zero time in) is crazy. That’s for dreamers and scam artists.


So, heavy question here: why don’t I just do all my own marketing? Very good question.

First, I believe in team work. If you look after marketing and I look after content development we together can achieve awesome result. If I need to do both, it will be…. mediocre.

Second, you may see something I did not. I have already had people see things in TREPcoach that I had never imagined. They have shared that with me, and adjustments have been made, new products developed. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Third, you may know somebody. Say you are already selling to entrepreneurs and business owners. You have a list. Chances are that most people on that list would not be on the list I have. So putting you and I together helps

* You, leveraging your existing list

* Me, serving new clients

* The client, getting a product or service from TREPcoach they would otherwise have missed out on.

… everybody wins!


Your next step

So, drop me a line on the form below and tell a little about yourself, your experience, and how we can best work together. I look forward to hearing from you.




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