How to generate 2,070 new business leads on autopilot in 7 months

“Finally a simple approach that takes you by the hand and step-by-step guides you through setting up a completely new lead generation channel.”

To get the shortcut way to success using Twitter as a lead generation business tool don’t miss this intake of the “Lead Generation for Business” program.

For the first time ever you too can get the true insider secrets from somebody who has done it, and done it more than once, sharing his inside knowledge and experience in a done–for–you format, so you can skip all the mistakes…


“Mike, you did a great job. Everyone got tremendous value from you, and participated fully as well – so there was a great sense of community and energy. This establishes you as an authority in the field.”
Hugh Todd, Master Facilitator, Company Coach (Posted on Linkedin.)


Yes, Yes, I’m ready. Start me on the Fast Track to Lead Generation and sales Success today.


A new smarter way for successful
entrepreneurs… here’s the step–by–step plan:


  • Establish your brand to maximize your appeal to your target audience… who will you be seen as, what will you stand for?
  • Find the most profitable niches within your market, advanced techniques for checking profit potential
  • Getting profile user names that are as valuable as possible – - it’s just five easy steps
  • Detail setup of all elements of the system, from basic account creation to automation set-up
  • How to get off to a flying start & get a surge in followers. Your account setup in detail
  • The perfect profile setup that people will love…How to maximise followers and enquiries through better use of your profile
  • Setup for almost complete automation and peace of mind. How to get the best out of automated searches
  • The best way to mix up your messages for maximum impact; Mike’s formula for mixing it up
  • Really engaging your audience and handling massive influx of enquiries. Why you should NEVER use automatic feeds.
  • Have just ONE stream of social media bring web pages, Facebook, and Linkedin ALIVE. Feed great content and suddenly these sites and pages will look like you’re contributing every day!
  • Outsourcing your Twitter marketing. This is true set and forget! Cut your time even further and get more time to focus on your new prospects.
  • Etiquette that will get you far (without wasting your day). Mentions, Thank–you’s and much more
  • The key to turn leads to prospects to…. sales. Integrating Lead Generation with the rest of your sales funnel.
  • Using Twitter for getting almost anything you want—now. Yes, Twitter in a nutshell is responsiveness, so where else to ask?
  • Pimping your Twitter… it doesn’t take much to make Twitter look so much better, and be relevant for your audience.


How does it work? Every day you get a new program module on video. It’s just 10 minutes long, so you can easily squeeze it into your day. And each module stays online so you don’t need to worry if you skip a day or two.


Important Note!… This is an IMPLEMENTATION program. If you have tried other learning programs or attended seminars you have probably experienced what most of us have… it never gets done. This program is radically different in that it takes you by the hand and guides you one–step–at–a–time to make sure you actually implement the next step every day. In 17 days when the program is done you will have actually BUILT a new lead channel and it will already be giving you new leads.


To your success—see you on the inside!


PS: I hope you will join us for this intake of the “Lead Generation for Business” program. Do ask yourself… “Is it time time to end the struggle to get new leads and really build the business this year?” If you feel it’s time, I welcome you on board.

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One payment of $745.
Pay in four monthly
payments of $197,
first payment due today.


“Just attended a social media workshop conducted by Mike. His passion for, and knowledge of the subject is obvious. He gave massive value in his presentation, with step-by-step instructions and I have already taken action by starting a new Twitter site.”
Ron Lee, CSP, the Corporate Ninja, Empowerment Expert (Posted on Linkedin.)


* * T H E   C O M P L E T E P A C K A G E * *

This is what you get when you sign up today.
Program Element (all included) Value
Twitter “Lead Generation for Business” program. 17 video based step–by–step instructional modules $1,897
Twitter Wizard book with one year’s updates $97
Intimate group coaching calls, 4 weeks x 1 hour each $280
Guide to Social Media Success—the 17 Laws $37
Keyword and positioning development tool Free
Massive growth in new business leads… Priceless
1–on–1 Phone consultation with Mike, 1.5 hours $525
“Lead Generation for Business”, total value $2,836


Which risk-free Payment option would you like…

Best Deal…
One payment of $745.
Pay in four monthly
payments of $197,
first payment due today.


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"The chance of becoming a
multi-millionaire overnight is
best left to those playing the
If, however, you're serious
about business growth this is
a simple, proven and
practical approach to putting
your business on track for the
first $1 million"
Mike Boorn Plener
TREPcoach founder.

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