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So you’ve created a fan page. You’ve built your profiles. You’ve established your identity and brand in the social media landscape.

Now what?

Chances are you’ve become frustrated because social media isn’t bringing in the prospects you thought it would, and certainly not any clients to speak of.

Instead, you’re spinning your wheels, wasting time on something that seemed so promising but has turned into another dead end for your business’ marketing strategy.

And you’re left wondering …

➢ Why are there only a handful of people who actually know how to turn social media into profits?

➢ Why does it have to be such a mystery?

➢ Why can’t I get my share of the social media gold mine?

The answers to these questions and much more are going to be revealed at an upcoming FREE online MasterClass.

Here are just a few of the discoveries you’ll make
during this FREE Online MasterClass:

• How to spend just one hour in social media and get a week’s worth of productivity and profits

• How to build more brand awareness and create more buzz

• How to choose the highest responding niches

• How to only approach people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, and leave out the time wasters and tire kickers

• How to generate thousands of new contacts, leads and prospects from your social media tactics

• How to turn those leads and prospects into sales quickly and easily

• How to optimize your social media presence for maximum search engine results

• How to use keywords way more effectively in all of your social media efforts

• How to avoid the most common social media mistakes (90% of people make these fatal errors but you won’t!)

…and much much more!

Note: Mike runs the exact same class in front of live audiences, where the regular ticket price is $97. However, this MasterClass, being online, is FREE for you to attend.

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Oh and make sure you join us live for the Online MasterClass, as there will be a surprise bonus gift, but you must be present to win!

Mike Boorn
Founder of TREPcoach

A successful serial entrepreneur with a 20-year track record in offline and online businesses, consulting, large corporates and start-ups, Mike has over 25 years experience specialising in marketing and business development – both B2B, and B2C.

Mike has the unique ability to transform or help transform an early stage idea into a successful business, using his planning, branding, structuring, budgeting and other skills.

He comes with a deep understanding of what is needed to run a great business, and as a mentor/coach has the ability to swiftly analyse a problem and help generate practical solutions.

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