“Finally a simple approach that takes you through every step of building a successful business or seriously tuning an established one, such that it stays on top, and allows you to live your dream, gain a jump in income and get your time back.”

The tools and shortcuts to make you so much more productive; the secrets to building great teams; the insider’s journey to getting finance; the tricks to massive success with social media and much much more.

If you want to say “I want it all, I want it now” when it comes to growing your business, don’t miss this intake of the TREPcoach Master Entrepreneur’s program.

For the first time ever you too can get the true insider secrets from a successful serial entrepreneur who has been busy doing what great entrepreneurs do best—building great businesses, and who is now stepping forward to share his inside knowledge and experience in a done–for–you format, so you can skip all the mistakes…


Yes, Mike, I’m ready. Start me on the Fast Track to Entrepreneurial Success with TREPcoach today.


TREPcoach—a new smarter way for successful
entrepreneurs… here’s the step–by–step plan:


  • Get 2–6 hours freed up every week allowing you to start billing for more of the work you are meant to do in your business (some people perfect this and gain 1-2 whole days). I’ll show you the exact steps you need to go through to document all areas of your business so you can outsource ‘the boring bits’. And I’ll show you my exact 9–step checklist to ensure you get the right people to work with you.
  • Ready to hire staff direct? Get the confidence with my unique 11-point interview and selection process to make sure you get motivated, conscientious employees who will work with you, not just for you.
  • Learn the exact step-by-step method for how to get 20,000 Twitter followers in just 6 months, and understand how you get a loyal following who follow your every move.
  • Get the inside scoop on how to hammer Facebook ad pricing down to a fraction of what other people pay, allowing you to build a significant fan crowd for 80% less than what most people pay.
  • Do marketing five times more effective in 1/5th of the time. This one will truly blow you away. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned methods, and this is not new for the sake of being new. This is simply learning from some of the best marketing brains out there gunning it right now. This will allow you to get so much more impact in so much less time.
  • Spread the word for FREE. We’ve all been indoctrinated to believe marketing is really expensive. In this module I’ll give you a strictly behind the scenes look at what some of the professionals do and why they’re making so much money. Most of what they do cost nothing or very little. That way they can afford to play all–out even on a campaign they’re not sure is a winner.
  • Discover the hidden gold in your customer or prospect list. I have spent over 15 years showing people the hidden value in their lists. It’s a very valuable process if you need some quick cash in the next few weeks.
  • Gather a crowd… These days you can’t neglect the social media. Whether Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook is important to you there are a set of rules I have adopted to quickly build a consistent following. And I’ll show you what you need to do to make them listen and take note of what you have to say.
  • Spy on your competitors… I know it sounds a bit harsh, but seriously they might be spying on you. Right now. And if not, why not beat them to it? It’s quite amazing what you can find out about what happens in your marketplace. I’ll show you how gain the insights so you can make rapid, informed decisions guiding your own marketing efforts.
  • Build a crew or stay independent? It’s a toss-up many business owners face as the business starts taking off. I’ll show the way through deciding between business partners, employees, freelancers and offshore assistance. There are so many options and your choices really impact the success of your business as you grow it. Let’s make sure you get it right so you can leverage your business through great people!
  • Collaborate… As your team now grows you want to make sure everybody sings off the same song sheet. A critical time in the growth of any business. Get this one wrong at your peril… or, get the right techniques and tools to ensure you build a winning team.
  • Systems. Systems. Systemise… How about going on holidays for 6 weeks and coming back to a business with more sales, better profits and more popularity? You can do it, but one of the essential ingredients is systemising. Sounds boring right? Perhaps you won’t find it boring when you see the benefits… if done right it will serve you like no other activity. Systemise the TREPcoach way and it will be quick, fun and easy and pay you back with enormous benefits. It’s one of the most reliable leverage points to get you from good to great.
  • Money, money, money… This a bonus module. How would you like to work with other people’s money instead of your own as you grow your business? There is a funding strategy for every growth level of a business. Learn which one is right for you right now, so you can start utilising it. Gain insight into how to use other people’s money for expanding your business fast. Instead of being limited by the modest capital you have available, you will be able to seriously ‘step on the gas’ in your business growth. Understand what makes your business attractive for investors and what keeps them away.
  • Use the massive library of done–for–you templates** across your business, that each come with its own instruction so you maximize the benefit and you can apply it in your business immediately.


To your success—see you on the inside!


PS: I hope you will join us for this intake of the TREPcoach Masters program, which is closing in the next few days. And since our next intake is well into 2012 do ask yourself… “Has my time come to shine?” If you feel it’s time, I welcome you on board.


Which risk-free Payment option would you like…

Best Deal…
One payment of $897.
Pay in three monthly
payments of $347,
first payment due today.



**T H E   R E S O U R C E   L I B R A R Y

These documents are INCLUDED FOR FREE, and are introduced as the program progresses,many of them with their own instruction on how to apply them into your business situation.
Document Template (all included) Value Where to get it…
Business planning template (modern) $695 Secret
2-pager business overview template for partners, investors and others $475 Internal
Organisational chart template and framework $300 Internal
Non-disclosure agreement template $600 Lawyer
Copyright transfer agreement $900 Lawyer
Website terms of service $700 Internal
Website Privacy terms $400 Internal
Employment contract (8 pages) $1,725 Lawyer
Internship contract $590 Lawyer
Job description template $180 Internal
Team Culture Manifesto $925 Internal
Contractor’s agreement $1,020 Lawyer
Acceptable use policy $47 Download
Anti-virus Guidelines $47 Download
Clean Desk Policy $47 Download
Email Policy $47 Download
Ethics Policy $650 Internal
Password Policy $47 Download
Remote Access Policy $47 Download
PC/Mac security policy $47 Download
Logo usage guidelines $780 Internal
Video recording brief $450 Internal
Photo session brief $180 Internal
Heads of Agreement (general) $550 Lawyer
Code of Conduct / Ethics for Suppliers and Partners $1,700 Internal
TREPcoach Resource Library, total value $13,149


All of these, while being called ‘templates’ are by no means simple. Indeed, they’re all fully fledged documents that have stood the test of time in business.


All you need to do is pick up the right one, customise the content and you’re good to go.



Which risk-free Payment option would you like…

Best Deal…
One payment of $897.
Pay in three monthly
payments of $347,
first payment due today.


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"The chance of becoming a
multi-millionaire overnight is
best left to those playing the
If, however, you're serious
about business growth this is
a simple, proven and
practical approach to putting
your business on track for the
first $1 million"
Mike Boorn Plener
TREPcoach founder.

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