“What if you could tap into a lead source that carries with it more leads in a day than most of us can handle in a year… Is free to use… And is right under your nose?”

“What you’re about to learn about has never been revealed before. Except at a single MasterClass that was held last month, on the 22nd, with amazing feedback. It is strictly underground stuff.

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“He is an expert on social media marketing. The steps are simple and easy to follow. Highly recommend his service.”
Helen Ruan, CA, Owner, H&R Accounting Services (Posted on LinkedIn)
“It’s solid and easy to follow, it’s really great, you actually have a system that works!”
John C H Perry, Company Director, Advisory Board Member, Inventor (via email)
“Hi Mike, Thanks for the great presentation on Thursday night. I really appreciate the way you made it very simple to understand the concepts. I can definitely see the value in what you discussed and how it could be a great source of contacts for my business. I will be sure to put what you taught us into practice. Thanks again!”
Naomi Sims, Personal and Career Development Coach (via email)
In this presentation you’ll be taken step–by-step through…

  • How to create knife-sharp targeting of your customer segments so you only get leads within your defined target market
  • How to train your prospects daily so when the day comes they will click on the link to find out more about your offer
  • How to automate your lead–generation — spend just 1 day / month to keep a steady flow of leads coming your way
  • How to multiply your efforts by 7 (yes, seven) using about 2 minutes extra
  • One simple secret to only engaging the leads that are worth taking to the next level (this one is worth gold)
  • How to use your social media efforts to attract more customers on your web site, blog, Fan pages etc
  • And much much more…!
Take–home #1
Discover a game-
changing way of
using keyword
research that will
make your lead
generation take off
Take–home #7 See how
you can create top-notch
content for your
marketplace in almost
no time
Take–home #11 How
to easily sail past
the barriers that most
other marketers get
stuck on

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