“How to save 2 hours in a day, get somebody else to do the work you least enjoy for just $6, and increase your income—all in the same week.”


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Outsourcing your procrastinations… AND making more money?


Let me ask you: “Are you struggling with BOTH not enough time AND not enough money?”


What if I told you that fixing one could lead to fixing the other?


The video above gives you all the details on exactly how you do that, but let’s do a really brief recap here:


Find a process or task that you really don’t want to do, but if done would make your life easier and free up some of your time. Maybe it’s running your invoices, reconciling a spreadsheet, writing articles, getting more fans and followers on social media, editing that video, or something totally different.


Record EXACTLY how you do that task using a tool called Jing (FREE). Speak into the microphone on your laptop to document how everything is done. Save the completed instruction video to the Jing server for later use. Sounds simple, because it really is!


Use a second resource called oDesk. It’s a marketplace of freelancers that you can hire on an hourly basis. Find a person you like, who has already demonstrated the qualities required for your task. Make sure you use the detailed TREPcoach checklist to ensure you get a ‘good hire’ (there are lots of not–so–great hires too!). Expect to pay around $3 per hour unless it’s a specialized task.


Get going with your new freelancer, and see your workload free up.


Say you have chosen a task that you need to do twice weekly and it takes 2 hours each time, you have now just saved yourself 200 hours of time over the next year!


Yes, you probably invested 2 hours in setting this up once and for all, but that’s 2 hours invested for a 200 hour return. To me the maths stack up really well.


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Now, if you watched the video, you would recall I said that building a successful business is not just about getting the right tools, but applying them in the right sequence.


So, now you have 2 hours twice every week that you did NOT have before. Let me take a guess: When you earn money in your business do you earn more than $3/hour?




Let’s say that you earn just a really low $30/hour when you do one hour of additional work in your business. Whether you do consulting, sell a product or something else is irrelevant. And when I say earn I mean after any expenses you may need for that 1 hour. Fair enough?


So, following this very simple math you can now generate an extra $120/week in those 4 hours. That’s adding another $6,000 to your income in the coming year. On your $3 per hour investment!


Wondering what else you can do?


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