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Online MasterClass Live and Hands–on with underground marketer


… shows you the exact way to create a new lead funnel working on autopilot.

Learn the exact steps you need to tap into a lead source that carries with it more leads in a day than most of us can handle in a year… Is free to use… And is right under your nose…

- Are you running out of new clients?

- Would you like to boost your revenue significantly before the end of the year?

- Fancy a lead generation method that produces genuine, qualified leads at no cost day after day?



Hi, I’m Mike Boorn Plener
2 years ago I stumbled across a weird combination of marketing methods. At first I didn’t believe it would work.
And I thought it would take too much time, or cost too much money.
 I was wrong three times over…! 

Since then I proved and refined the technique in not just one but two different businesses. With great results.

So… last month I did a 2-hour paid masterclass in front of an audience explaining the exact step-by-step method I use.
The great news is I have now managed to squeeze that MasterClass into a one–hour webinar format. And it’s free!


* How to find the most profitable niches

* Hunt down the ‘hot topics’ that people really care about

* Getting setup in social media so it’s EASY

* Maximising response and impact

* The lazy man’s guide to social media communications success

* The most effective ways to turn leads to prospects to…. sales.

* Integrating Social Media with the rest of your sales funnel.

And much more…

Mike Boorn
Founder of TREPcoach

Have a question?
Email me direct at

Want to chat?
Connect on skype: TREPcoach


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