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(Last amended 12 October 2011)

This website is the property of TREPcoach / Catalinus Management Pty Ltd ("TREPcoach"). These Privacy Principles apply to TREPcoach and its related entities.

At TREPcoach we take Information security very seriously. Our attitude to Information security and privacyis that of mutual respect. We welcome our business, butalso respect if you no longer wish to hear from us. Pleaseread through the following arefully to familiarise yourselfwith our privacy principles.

Personal and Business Information

These Privacy Principles apply to Personal and BusinessInformation we collect from users of our website (referredto as "you" or visitors). For the purposes of these PrivacyPrinciples, Personal Information is Information that iscapable of identifying individuals ie. users of, or visitorsto, our website, and similarly, Business Information is isInformation that is identifying details about the Business.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to TREPcoach and we willact in a responsible manner with respect to any personalInformation that we may collect from you. Our privacyprinciples include:

  • Personal and business Information that you have supplied to us can be used to provide you with the services that you have requested,
  • Personal and business Information can be used to help us provide a better service to you.
  • Personal and business Information will never be shared with or sold to any unrelated third party
  • Personal and business Information cannot be shared with TREPcoach’s business partners that are providing services to you, except where those partners agree to abide by these same privacy principles when providing services on behalf of TREPcoach

Collection of Information

TREPcoach collects Information directly from users of itswebsite. We collect only Information that is needed for aparticular purpose. We collect Information about yourdetails, and we also collect security-related Information inorder to keep TREPcoach a safe experience for all.Examples of the personal Information we collect and/ortrack include:

  • Your IP address and type of Web browser
  • Your e-mail address when you communicate with TREPcoach via e-mail,
  • Information knowingly provided by you in online forms, registration forms, surveys, and contest entries, and
  • Information on what pages you access.

Use of Information

Information collected by TREPcoach will be used byTREPcoach to provide services and products ofTREPcoach. We may also use personal Information tonotify you about new products or services from time totime from us or from third-parties. Unless you tell usotherwise (by opting out, as detailed below) your contactdetails may be added to our databases and used forfuture contact regarding site updates, new products and services and upcoming events.

Also, when you provide feedback to us in the form of afeedback form (with or without attachments) you aautomatically consent to your submission beingpublished in whole or in part, on the TREPcoach web siteand on related channel web sites like YouTube andFlickr.

Collection and Use of Other personal Information

We use IP addresses to analyse trends, administer thesite, track the general movements of users on thewebsite, and to gather broad demographic Information.Information about visits to the site will be aggregated withdemographic Information. However, as IP addresses arenot linked to personal Information by us, they arereferenced here for completeness sake only.

Collection of business Information

Any business Information provided to us by you will betreated with respect and (as per these principles) will notbe shared with third parties. However, you should onlydisclose Information to us that is already in the publicdomain or which youʼd otherwise be willing to present inthe public domain.We do not and will not sign any form of non-disclosureagreement prior to you submitting any businessInformation to us.

No data collection from children

The Information and services provided by us or ouraffiliates, sponsors, and advertisers are not intended tobe viewed by children (under 18 years old). NoInformation collected from children is knowingly used forany marketing or promotional purposes whatsoever,either inside or outside TREPcoach. No part ofTREPcoach web site is structured to attract anyoneunder the age of 18.

Disclosure / Sharing of Information

We will not sell, share or rent Information provided toothers. However, from time to time, we disclose personalInformation for the purposes listed below.

Sometimes, we may disclose personal Information tooutside partners to whom we contract out limited andspecialised functions (eg customer service centres).However, if we do so, we only disclose personalInformation that the relevant partner needs to be able toprovide the service to TREPcoach. Also, we take steps toensure that our partners handle personal Information in accordance with our Privacy Principles, and do not use



or disclose personal Information for any purpose otherthan the provision of services to TREPcoach.

Otherwise, our approach is to disclose personal Information only if required or authorised by law (eg tolocal or international law enforcement agencies).


You may opt out from having personal Information aboutyou used by TREPcoach for marketing and other contactpurposes. To opt out, you need to make your request bycontacting TREPcoach via email or web submissionform. After you have opted out we may send you a finalemail to confirm your opt–out, we may also continue to communicate with you regarding current orders or memberships until cancelled.

Surveys & Contests

From time-to-time, our website and Service may requestpersonal Information from users via surveys or contests.The provision of this Information is optional (ie you onlyneed to provide it if you wish to participate in the survey or to enter the contest or competition). Information requested may include contact Information (such asname and address), and demographic Information.


The TREPcoach web site may place Internet cookies onyour hard drive. Internet cookies save certain Informationabout you, including the pages of the TREPcoachwebsite viewed by you. When you revisit the TREPcoachwebsite, the TREPcoach website may recognise you bythe Internet cookie and customise your experience accordingly. You may decline the Internet cookie by usingthe appropriate feature of your Web browser, if available.However, doing so, may make certain features of thewebsite non-functional.

Consent to Transfer of Data

Our practice is to store personal Information in centralised servers that may be situated at different locations across the world.

Access and Correction

If you are a user of our website, and you would like toseek access to personal Information that TREPcoachholds about you, you can do so by contactingTREPcoach by e-mail at

TREPcoach’s policy is to consider all requests for accessin a timely manner, and to provide all users with a way ofensuring that personal Information that is held aboutthem is up to date and accurate.

If you make an access request, we will contact you todiscuss the type of access you require (for example, toconfirm whether you are seeking access to particularInformation, and whether you would like to receiveelectronic access).

If you are a user, you may update your REPcoach profile at any time by using the appropriate link on the


web site.

Our right to contact you

We reserve the right to contact you regarding your TREPcoach membership standing, payments, promotions and new product and services (from us orothers) and changes to subscriber agreements, PrivacyPrinciples, or any other policies or agreements relevantto you as well as.


TREPcoach has gone to considerable measures to ensure that our system is secure, and that the personalInformation we hold is protected from risks such asunauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We usea variety of security technologies and procedures to dothis.

However, use of the Internet can never be completelysecure, so this is something to remember when you areusing the Internet as part of the TREPcoach experience,and generally.


Our website may contain links to other sites. Please beaware that TREPcoach is not responsible for the privacypractices of such other sites. We encourage you to beaware of this when you leave our website and to read theprivacy statements of every website that collectspersonal Information. These privacy principles applysolely to Information collected by our website, and does not apply to other websites operated by third parties.Contacting Website Users

TREPcoach reserves the right to contact site visitorsregarding the Privacy Principles, or any other policies oragreements relevant to site visitors or users.

Notification of Changes

TREPcoach reserves the right to change these PrivacyPrinciples at any time by notifying visitors of theexistence and location of the new or revised PrivacyPrinciples, which notice shall be posted on our website inthe form of a new version of this page.

Contacting TREPcoach

If you have any questions about the Privacy Principles,the practices of our website, or your dealings with ourwebsite, you can contact TREPcoach via or by using a website enquiryform.



Anti Spam Policy. Can-Spam Act Compliance

TREPcoach is dedicated to ensuring compliance with the’Can-Spam Act’, which took effect January 1, 2004 in theUS. You may receive email from TREPcoach in thefollowing circumstances:

  • Acknowledging your application or request for Information or order has been received and requesting additional action
  • Requests for additional Information to support your current application / request for Information / order.
  • Response to your inquiries regarding the status of your transactional requests
  • Thanking you for your valued business
  • Advertisements for our products, services, changes in services, new product availability
  • Advertisements for third party products and services where we have determined that such product or service may be of interest to you

To ensure compliance with the Can-Spam Act, TREPcoach has implemented the following guidelines foremail delivery:

  • All emails sent to you by TREPcoach will clearly identify TREPcoach as the sender. FROM / SENDER: someone@TREPcoach (NOTE: The actual sender will alter from department to department, but all from addresses will end with @TREPcoach)
  • The Subject Line of any email you receive will always accurately describe the subject matter of the email.
  • Any email from TREPcoach will include the ability to unsubscribe from future email messages.
  • Unsubscribing will ensure you are removed from ALL lists at TREPcoach; this excludes customer service emails regarding the processing and status of a current product.
  • All emails sent to you directly by TREPcoach include valid postal address Information in the footer.
  • All third party marketing partners are required to comply with the Can-Spam Act.

All third party marketing partners are required to comply with the Can-Spam Act.


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