“Finally a simple approach that takes you through every step of building a successful business or seriously tuning an established one, such that it stays on top, and allows you to live your dream, gain a jump in income and get your time back.”

The tools and shortcuts to make you so much more productive; the secrets to building great teams, even if you don’t want one; the legalities to make sure you will never get robbed; the insider’s journey to getting finance; the tricks to massive success with social media and much much more.

If you don’t want to be STUCK for years building your business but would rather say “I want it all, I want it now“, don’t miss this intake of TREPcoach’s Master Entrepreneur’s program.

For the first time ever you too can get the true insider secrets from a successful serial entrepreneur who has been busy doing what great entrepreneurs do best—building great businesses, and who is now stepping forward to share his knowledge and experience in a done–for–you format with direct mentoring available to just 30 success–hungry entrepreneurs. You could be one of them!


Yes, Mike, I’m ready. Start me on the Fast Track to Entrepreneurial Success with TREPcoach today.


TREPcoach—a new smarter way for successful entrepreneurs:

  • Learn the productivity boosting techniques that can free up 1 or even 2 days per week so you have more time to make your business the success you deserve.
  • Understand where the pitfalls of team building lie so you can avoid them and build a great team that can truly leverage your time.
  • Learn how to really successfully outsource all your least-loved tasks so you can free yourself up to do more of what you love to do every day.
  • Understand how you can protect yourself legally so you don’t run the risk of losing it all in an instant, like many other entrepreneurs have.
  • Discover a series of simple but really powerful financial control tools that allow you to make qualified decisions really quickly about your pricing, distribution, marketing spend and more.
  • Use the massive library of done–for–you templates across your business, that each come with its own instruction so you maximize the benefit and you can apply it in your business immediately.
  • You get direct impact on the structure of the program. Where other programs have to follow a set path, because I am limiting the number of participants with TREPcoach, YOU get a say in which bonus components are developed for you, in addition to the standard plan.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your market and how your consumers and clients behave. So that you can sell me more, with ease.
  • Learn how to pull your business apart and discover every risk element in the business so you can develop a plan for how to deal with it. Nobody can avoid turmoil and challenges in business. But what sets the successful business operator apart is your ability to respond correctly and swiftly in
    the face of adversity. TREPcoach can prepare you, so you stay strong.
  • Gain insight into how to get to use other people’s money for expanding your business fast. Instead of being limited by the modest capital you have available, you will be able to seriously ‘step on the gas’ in your business growth. Understand what makes your business attractive for investors and what keeps them away.
  • Understand exactly what your competition does so you can leapfrog them and beat them—even if right now you feel like you’re ‘the underdog’
  • Discover how to tune your business model (or build one from scratch) so it will withstand different economic climates, and will be ready for massive success when it comes.
  • Logistics? Oh, you need to ship stuff? This is what makes or breaks many a business, but if you stay calm, and follow the TREPcoach plan you will have it in order in no time. And you could save some money too!
  • How to create marketing and PR, with massive impact, spending almost no money at all
  • Wouldn’t YOU love to be one of those businesses that are quoted ‘the founder built it all in 6 months…’ What you just don’t hear is the two years of preparation. Let me share with you how the insiders plan and plan so they can execute really well and really fast. Time is money after all.
  • Are you in business for money or just for fun? I hope you have a real passion that drives your business. But I believe it’s important to have a firm grip on the money side, otherwise how will you get paid well for all your effort? See how it can be really simple to keep accurate track of your cash and of your sales so you can stay afloat and pay yourself first as you’re watching your business take off.
  • How about going away for 6 weeks and coming back to a business with more sales, better profits and more popularity? You can do it, but one of the essential ingredients is systemizing. A topic that most entrepreneurs find boring, but if done right it will serve you like no other activity. Systemize the TREPcoach way and it will be quick and easy and pay you back with enormous benefits.


To your success—see you on the inside!






PS: Don’t forget that this is a limited program (and no this is not a marketing tactic). I simply need to limit the size of the program to ensure I have enough time for my other activities and to relax with my family. If you have a sense that this might be your chance to build a serious business, create serious income, and get serious abut your dream of entrepreneurial freedom, then don’t delay, sign up now, to ensure you don’t miss out.


Yes, Mike, I’m ready. Start me on the Fast Track to Entrepreneurial Success with TREPcoach today.


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"The chance of becoming a
multi-millionaire overnight is
best left to those playing the
If, however, you're serious
about business growth this is
a simple, proven and
practical approach to putting
your business on track for the
first $1 million in just 10
Mike Boorn
TREPcoach founder.

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