Twitter Wizard—Exclusive preview page

In the coming weeks I am releasing the first ever step–by–step guide to complete
Twitter domination for businesses—Twitter Wizard.

This is a milestone book for the industry, based on my personal experience building
a genuine 30,000-strong Twitter crowd in 6 months, virtually on auto-pilot. The book is
written from a business perspective, as I am a business person. There is nothing
technically complex in here. And most importantly there is a no fluff. This is the condensed
wisdom—you get just the concentrated extract so you don’t spend days reading but
instead can start getting leads within hours.

People who have already previewed the book and its method have found that they
can go through the book AND set themselves up for an auto–pilot Twitter growth
program in less than 1/2 day!


What do you get with the “Twitter Wizard”?

A proven way to create huge credibility and authority in your marketplace.
Imagine what people will think when they find out you have 30,000 Twitter followers?
You must be good, right?

The keys to unlocking the most interactive communications channel online.
There is nowhere else you can engage with people who want to hear what you say
and start a real-time conversation. Within minutes you can have the answers
you’re seeking.

A most responsive marketing channel. What is your email open rate? Struggling…?
With Twitter you can have far more engagement and interest if you drive it the right
way. But there are a number of rules of engagement if you want to pull it off. The
Twitter Wizard takes you behind the scenes.

The “Twitter Wizard” strategy builds your list almost on auto-pilot requiring very little
effort from you.

The list of Twitter followers your build will include many loyal fans and followers who will
happily re-tweet your stuff

You will be able to ask your list for all sorts of resources and get great answers

* Does somebody know a great freelancer for the job I need done?

* What do you think about my new product?

* Where can I find a reviewer for my material?



There are two levels with the “Twitter Wizard

The book. Its the most comprehensive book on how to build a crowd of serious Twitter
followers. 60 information packed pages. And completely fluff-free. This is NOT a book
that will teach you the basics of Twitter (like “what is a a tweet?”), but assumes you
already know what Twitter is but struggling to use it as an effective marketing tool.
You’re in business, right?

The full program. This takes the book and breaks every step down in a series of
detailed videos. The videos follow the journey of building a Twitter crowd from scratch
and showing the successes possible, within just weeks of starting. The 11 videos will be
available online so you can refer back to them at any time as you build your empire.


Mike Boorn, TREPcoach Founder

Mike Boorn, successful serial entrepreneur

Mike is a successful business owner with a 20-year track record in off– and online businesses
and startups. Mike has the unique ability to transform or help transform early stage ideas into success,
using his skills to plan, brand, structure, budget etc.

Mike has spent his life building successful businesses. He has finally been convinced to share some of his
techniques and insider’s tricks. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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