Free up at least 4 hours by next week & bump up your income, to increase
your success and net worth for 2012. (The Insider’s Techniques)

On this practical hands–on webinar you will get insight after insight into what sets the professionals
apart from the rest, so you can seriously lift your game for the start of the new year.

This is no ordinary web training event. Mike does not normally share these techniques
with anybody, indeed this will be the only opportunity in 2011 to get your eyes on this material.

In this one–hour content-filled training event you’ll get one practical tool and technique after another.
This will be fast-paced and no-bull so bring your notepad. How about…

See the details of the technique that for an average business owner can bring in a whopping $62,000
extra in 2012. And all you need to get started is a measly 2 hours and $12! (Sounds crazy doesn’t it?)

How about discovering the simple secret that, when implemented correctly (and yes, you’ll see how to do that too)
means you can take a whole week off from your business (or even two!) without any stress! (Start planning the date)

If you want to be more productive and profitable in 2012, join Mike Boorn on the webinar where you’ll discover:
* How to determine where you spend your time, without spending even five minutes on analysis!
* How to save 4 hours in a week (and that’s just in the first week…)
* How to get somebody else to do the work you least enjoy for just $12 per week
* … And how to increase your income—all in the same week.

The best part? All the tools and techniques you’ll learn are either FREE or super low cost. If you want to
ensure your success, invest just 1 hour and you’ll gain more than four times that by the end of next week!

Mike Boorn, TREPcoach Founder

Mike Boorn, successful serial entrepreneur

Mike is a successful business owner with a 20-year track record in off– and online businesses
and startups. Mike has the unique ability to transform or help transform early stage ideas into success,
using his skills to plan, brand, structure, budget etc.

Mike has spent his life building successful businesses. He has finally been convinced to share some of his
techniques and insider’s tricks. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Signing up for this training event you will learn straight from a seasoned business owner with techniques
and tips that are proven over the years on the frontlines of successful businesses.

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